Klay Thompson’s analytical approach to his comeback

Klay Thompson’s analytical approach to his comeback

After China Klay, Qatar Klay, and scaffolding Klay, the most recent viral version is Boat Klay. While living his best life, Thompson took his boat out and went live on Instagram to answer a couple of questions about the following season. Of course, given the meme worthiness of the moment, you may have missed Klay’s explanation of his rehab mentality.

As Steph Curry said after Golden State suffered two losses in the play-in tournament, the expectations “will be different next season.” Steph carried the team on his own this season, but long-awaited help will be in the locker room for the 2021-22 season start. Klay Thompson will be back, and the Splash Brothers will finally be reunited.

No one really expected the Warriors to be a championship contender once Klay Thompson injured his Achilles before the start of the season. With him being healthy, the stakes are much higher. However, Thompson hasn’t played in an NBA game since June of 2019, so the questions about his abilities are legitimate.

If he can be nearly as good as he was during his last NBA season, and considering Steph will be on his level, then it’s safe to say that the Dubs can be a contender. Klay received a question about how many points per game he will average next season, and one follower suggested 28 points per game.

“Twenty-eight points per game?! That’s a lot, man. I’m going to take a dub and some great defense. How about that? Fifty, 40, 90, that’s the goal. How many points am I going to average next year? You know, I’m not going to put an expectation on it. I want to be an efficient player. I want to have a positive impact on the hardwood. That real plus-minus stuff. That analytical stuff, you feel me.”

Klay Thompson, IG Live

Klay has always been an efficient player. In his last five seasons, he’s always scored over 20 points per game and had an eFG% over .550. We’re talking about a man who scored 60 while only taking 11 dribbles. Thompson and Curry were one of the most potent duos in the league, and there were not many defenses that could deal with them. If you add Draymond Green to the mix along with Andrew Wiggins (who showed he is no longer a defensive liability), the Warriors could be up there with the best teams in the league.

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