Klay Thompson thinks Stephen Curry has a “great soul”

Klay Thompson thinks Stephen Curry has a “great soul”

One of the aspects you will never see in any of the stat sheets is how good of a teammate someone is whether that is on or off the court. If you think about some of the superstars in today’s game, who is also considered a good teammate you could definitely look in Stephen Curry’s direction because the success behind him and the Golden State Warriors are just the proof of that.

In a recent interview after the game, his teammate and fellow sharpshooter Klay Thompson said a couple of things that really gives a better understanding on how everyone appreciates having Steph on the team.

“I think he just enjoys seeing people succeed, whether it’s in basketball or life. He has a great soul about him and he roots for good people… As our leader, when he plays with that emotion, we all try to follow.”

The Warriors are playing really good in the last couple of weeks and it seems they found the right rhythm. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are both having another MVP like seasons and Klay has stepped up his game recently after having a slow start to the season.

The Golden State Warriors are Stephen Curry’s team and there is no doubt about that. However, all of their egos are put aside because they know the championships and success are won if you have a group of players that know how to play in a system, a system that would benefit themselves the most.

Curry has set those standards for his teammates on and off the floor and obviously, everyone follows in that manner.

I mean, ask Klay he will tell you all about it.