Klay Thompson sends a message to the Warriors fans: ‘My best ball lies ahead of me’

Klay Thompson sends a message to the Warriors fans: ‘My best ball lies ahead of me’

The Memphis Grizzlies ended the Warriors season after an exciting game that went into overtime but eventually ended up with a 117-112 win. Stephen Curry couldn’t do it on his own while the Grizzlies had Ja Morant who saved the day with his brilliant performance. The Warriors were close but in both games against the Lakers and the Grizzlies but it’s evident they don’t have enough firepower to match up against better teams.

Klay Thompson, who is the crucial and missing part of this Warriors squad, went to his social media accounts to shares his support for his teammates and everything they accomplished as a team this season. He is ready and motivated to start his journey towards a comeback that could potentially help the Warriors become one of the best teams in the NBA again.

I’m so proud of Everyman on this team @warriors. We fought thru a lot of adversity this season, and it will pay dividens next season when we make another run at it. I’ve got to watch a lot of hoops the last 2 years, and figured out quick, it’s not my specialty. While our season comes to an end, mines just getting started and I’ve never been hungrier. I TRULLY BELIEVE my best ball lies ahead of me, we ain’t done I promise you that.

Klay Thompson, via Instagram

The Warriors need a healthy Klay back if they want to compete for another championship, but unfortunately, the injuries derailed his much-awaited return. Hopefully, this time, Klay overcame the injuries and can set out to become a better player than he previously was. That is not an easy task, but the Warriors will once again become legitimate championship contenders if that happens.