Klay Thompson is not worried about his and GSW’s poor shooting lately

Klay Thompson is not worried about his and GSW’s poor shooting lately

The Golden State Warriors are on a two-game losing streak for the first time since last April. The loss to Dallas last night revealed some of the problems that surfaced which might be a reason for concern but it also might not be a big deal on the long run.

The shooting that the Warriors are so dependent upon was not on the level in the last couple of games in which they lost 3 out of 4. It’s obvious Stephen Curry’s injury is a big loss to the Warriors alongside with the conflict which flared between Draymond and Durant.

Klay and Durant were the ones responsible to carry out the load on offense and even though they are having solid performances, their shooting percentage dramatically decreases in the 4th quarters. In their game against Dallas Durant scored 32 points but only 3 in the fourth while Klay, on the other hand, was a bit more successful scoring seven points going 3 out of 8 from the field.

Klay is not having a good season shooting wise and after the game against Dallas Thompson was asked if there is any worry about the current situation he is in regards to shooting. He finished the game going 9 of 24 from the field scoring only 2 threes on 9 attempts.

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“I feel great. You don’t set NBA records being frustrated.” – Klay after the Warriors loss to the Mavs.

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“I feel great, man. You don’t set an NBA record being frustrated so I’m not going to go over here and dwell on missing a couple of shots.”

Klay is definitely not playing like an all-star this season and especially not in the last four games. He made 35 out of 90 shots from the floor which is not a very good field goal percentage at 39. He is shooting only 25 percent from the three-point land and even though he has moments where you think the can score 50 points with ease, for the most part, he is playing extremely poor.

It will be a totally different story when Curry comes back in the starting lineup because he draws a lot of attention from the defense which will help both Klay and Durant to have better shots. With or without Curry the last couple of games have shown the Warriors are beatable but it’s important to stress out we are at the beginning of the season and experienced teams like the Warriors know there are still many more games to be played before the playoffs start.