Klay Thompson claps back at Big Baby Davis for saying he’s hurt because of karma

Klay Thompson claps back at Big Baby Davis for saying he’s hurt because of karma

It’s been two days since the Warriors and Pistons played, and the dust still hasn’t settled. If you still don’t know, Rodney McGruder walked over to the Warriors bench after the game and directed a few words at Golden State rookie Juan Toscano-Anderson, who was not in uniform. Klay Thompson, working as a commentator, was asked about the situation.

“I don’t know; this guy might be out of the league pretty soon. He’s probably mad about that. Who knows? He’s over here trying to start something like he’s a good player or something. Bro, get out of here.” 

Klay Thomspon

After the game, Draymond was asked about the situation and said that McGruder didn’t have a personal situation with Toscano-Anderson as much as he understood it. Green believed he was there to talk about something the rookie said to Wayne Ellington. After explaining that, Draymond added.

“When the fu** did Rodney McGruder become the tough guy on the team??”

Draymond Green

Wayne Ellington confirmed McGruder was there to “clear the air” about something JTC said to him during the game. Ellington proceeded to say that McGruder didn’t have a “tough guy approach,” implying he was on a peacekeeping mission, which makes no sense. Ellington said he laughed the comments off. If that’s the case, why go over in the first place – the only thing you can do is escalate the situation. 

In addition, saying that McGruder went over “to go and take the temperature of the situation and that’s what men do” is just cheap machismo and definitely has a “tough guy approach” to it. The story gets really entertaining when people who are not on the Pistons or the Warriors felt the need to chime in. 

Who’s the first person that comes to mind when I ask you who reacted on social media? The man who just wants to talk basketball himself, Kevin Durant. It seems KD is still salty about not being the fan-favorite in Golden State. Not that he cares…

While KD kept it at likes, others went a bit further. Most players took issue with the “he might be out of the league soon” because that is somehow talking about McGruder’s livelihood. Last time I checked, Klay wasn’t a GM of a team, but no-one said the rules on trash talking made sense. Thompson ignored most of them until Glen “Big Baby” Davis made this comment. 

“Saying sh** like that I see why he stay hurt. Karma.”

Glen “Big Baby” Davis

If talking about someone’s status in the league is off-limits, I would assume the same goes for career-threatening injures. Klay didn’t leave this unanswered, and I gotta say, I like how he handled things. 

While I find this entire episode childish, if it brings us competitive basketball in the regular season, I’ll take it.