Klay Thompson and Draymond Green go off on Rodney McGruder after the game vs. Pistons

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green go off on Rodney McGruder after the game vs. Pistons

Even though we cannot watch Klay Thompson this season because of another severe injury, at least the Warriors broadcast team has allowed us to listen to his takes and reports during Warriors’ home games. It’s pretty safe to say that Klay is a fun listen.

The Golden State Warriors easily beat the Detroit Pistons 118-91 last night, but the story of the game was Pistons forward Rodney McGruder, who tried to stir up some problems at the end of the game, shouting at Warriors players near the tunnel.

Klay happened to be there, preparing to do a post-game interview, so he gave us his first-hand reactions:

“I don’t know, this dude might be out the league soon, he’s probably mad about that. Who knows? He’s over here trying to start something like he’s a good player. It’s like bro get outta here.”

Klay Thompson

Of course, his teammate Draymond Green shared his opinion on the incident in the post-game conference and went hard:

“Apparently he was taking up for Wayne Ellington when the f–k did Rodney McGruder become the tough guy of the team? I don’t know man, everybody in the league tough these days, it’s crazy. I’ve seen a lot of tough guys this year, I don’t understand it, and don’t nobody do anything. If you really wanted to do something, you could have done it (instead of) walking over there talking s–t like he’s the team’s tough guy. Get the hell outta here, f—-ng tough guy, Rodney McGruder.”

Draymond Green

Klay and Draymond definitely were a little harsh, but they were just defending their teammates. McGruder hasn’t been having the best season, playing only three games and riding the pine for one of the worst teams in the NBA, as his career hasn’t been getting much positive attention or progress. This whole situation, unfortunately for him, isn’t going to help.