Klay breaks the 3-point record

Klay breaks the 3-point record

Klay Thompson was 3 for 19 from behind the arc in his first 5 games. That was 15.78% for one of the best shooters ever and no one was worried.

Time and time again we saw him get hot, most notably against OKC in the conference finals, effectively saving the Warriors and probably starting the chain reaction that got KD to Golden State. Last night he reminded us again by breaking the NBA single-game record for made threes with 14 shots made (out of 24 attempts). Thompson shot 58.3% from three and scored a total of 52 points in only 27 minutes played! It seems the Warriors decided setting records through 4 quarters is too easy. First Steph went off for 51 in 3 quarters, now Klay got one more in the same time-span.


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Someone tell the Warriors a game has 4 quarters…first Steph, now Klay

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After the game Klay pointed out teamwork (via Nick Friedell from ESPN): “I really believe, I don’t know if I would have been able to break the records I have got in my past, just like tonight, without the system I play in or the team I’m with or the guys I play with,” Thompson said. “Because they knew even before I went out for the second half. Steph looked at the box score and said, ‘Go get it.’ And that just shows you the unselfishness that is within him. Same with KD and Draymond and DJ and everyone else that was out there on the floor trying to find me and get me good looks.

This is another reminder of the abundance of riches the Warriors have. For instance, KD has gone for 22, 30, 41, 34 before this game (when everyone got out of the way) and he barely reached the headlines with his 41 point performance in Madison Square Garden. While it must be frustrating for other teams knowing that KD is considered the third best shooter on his team, tonight the NBA stopped and appreciated what we just witnessed.

While many wonder how far can the pace and space revolution go, it seems there is still room for expansion in how much do teams shoot from behind the arc and stretch the floor.

All stats via Cleaning the glass