Kevin Love calls out Jerry Colangelo for his criticism towards him before the 2020 Olympics: ‘F**k him’

Kevin Love calls out Jerry Colangelo for his criticism towards him before the 2020 Olympics: ‘F**k him’

Kevin Love recently made a guest appearance on The Shop, a TV show starring LeBron James and Maverick Carter. He opened up about what happened between him and Team USA Managing Director Jerry Colangelo this summer when Love decided not to play anymore because of an injury. At first, there were some negative comments from Jalen Rose about Love being a token white guy on the team. After his injury in a game against Nigeria, which Team USA lost, Colangelo blamed Love for coming unprepared on the tournament.

Around the entire NBA, Love is respected and known as a subtle guy, but this time, he used the opportunity on the show to distress what really happened. After everything that happened, he is convinced Colangelo should have handled this situation differently. The main problem with the Love saw with Colangelo was that he was pointing the finger at him for a potential failure because Team USA had several bumps on the road to the gold medal.

LeBron called me and the same thing, and he was like ‘Yeah fuck that, that is something that never should be said regardless of what was said on either side and all of it, you just never do that. There was no need to do that. His gain was to protect his legacy. He wanted something to point the finger at if they lost. In case it didn’t go right, which was looking bad. It was just wrong in so many ways. And for me, I’m sitting up here being the nice guy right now, but honestly f**k that. F**k him.

Kevin Love, via The Shop

Whether you side with Love or Colangelo regarding this story because both sides have made some pretty strong reasons why certain things have happened, there is no question all of that should have stayed within the team. Love maybe wasn’t in the shape he thought he was in, which may be why he got injured so early. Even if that is the case, as an experienced leader, Colangelo had to know that calling out players publicly in such a way may result in a backlash and animosity. It seems Love is feeling just that way about him.