Kevin Hart on the Ben Simmons’ situation: “Wherever he goes and ends up, Ben Simmons is a f***ing star

Kevin Hart on the Ben Simmons’ situation: “Wherever he goes and ends up, Ben Simmons is a f***ing star

Kevin Hart is a die-hard Philadelphia 76ers fan. As a guest on the “All The Smoke” podcast hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, he was asked about his opinions on Ben Simmons’ impasse with the Sixers. For Hart, he still believes in the player but welcomes the idea if the Australian goes on to play elsewhere. 

The NBA GMs don’t want Sixers to cave in

The preseason games have begun, but the Ben Simmons saga is not ending anytime soon. Simmons remains adamant in his desire to play elsewhere, forcing Philadelphia to find a trading partner for him. However, NBA GMs are showing no support to Elton Brand. If the Sixers allow Ben to walk away, it will send a precedent to other star players who will force a trade despite recently signing a max contract. 

As reported in Sideline Sources, an NBA executive who wasn’t named had an NSFW response if the Sixers should trade Ben:

“F— that! You let a guy force his way out with four years left on a max contract, and you set a terrible precedent. They [76ers] can’t cave.”

Everyone wants the problems to be solved as soon as possible. The players want it to be over to have some sort of normalcy in the locker room and that the team could finally focus and prepare for the season. For one celebrity fan, he wants the problem to be over while also recognizing the kind of special talent Simmons is. 

Ben Simmons is ‘a f***ing star

Kevin Hart remains a fan of Simmons for his on-court performance amid the off-court drama of his situation:

“Wherever he goes and ends up, Ben Simmons is a f***ing star – and whoever gets that god****, that f***ing potential, and that beast of a man, well, you’re going to see the bang for your buck. I’m a Ben Simmons fan regardless, and I know the city of Philadelphia is very tough. We’re hard on all. I just wish him the best and hope that wherever his next opportunity is, it’s the right one for him.”

Kevin Hart, “ALL THE SMOKE”

Hart praised Simmons but also admitted trading him might be the best case for both parties. Wishing him well wherever he goes seems to imply that the comedian wants the situation to be over soon while not implicitly saying such. 

The Australian national team member will lose a massive amount of his salary to sanctions and fines due to refusing to attend practices or games. A grown man like Ben should decide what’s best for himself and his family, but he should also be ready to face the consequences.