Kevin Garnett remembers when his grandmother pulled a shotgun at a college recruiter

Kevin Garnett remembers when his grandmother pulled a shotgun at a college recruiter

Former NBA player and recent inductee into the Hall of Fame, Kevin Garnett made a guest appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, where he shared an interesting anecdote when he was a teenager. While in high school, Garnett was one of the top recruits, with colleges lining up to give him a full scholarship and pretty much anything he wanted. Garnett eventually made a different decision and went to the NBA straight out of high school.

College recruiters will do anything to sign top players, even if it means going against the law and offering players or their families financial compensation. Garnett experienced that firsthand when one of them came to his house and offered him some cash. Unfortunately for the recruiter, Garnett’s grandmother was there. Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because she immediately showed the same fight Garnett displayed throughout his entire career.

According to Garnett, she was furious when the recruiter wanted to give her grandson money and went to get her shotgun to scare him away. That sounds pretty ridiculous when you think about it, and Garnett also said it was that moment when she also shared an important message about the importance of keeping his pride and never being that person that can be bought.

I had a certain recruiter come see me, and he offered me some cash in front of my grandma. And she went and got a shotgun and told me to always set the tone with people that you can never be bought. If you can be bought once, you can be bought always. That stuck with me forever.

Kevin Garnett, Dan Patrick Show

Garnett epitomized loyalty and pride throughout his entire career, especially during his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He played the game with unbelievable passion and joy, which eventually translated to tremendous success for the rest of his career. It also seems the intensity he played throughout his career was something he picked up at home, and it translated to everything he was doing later in his life.