Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen talk about the impact DMX and his music had on them early on in their NBA careers

Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen talk about the impact DMX and his music had on them early on in their NBA careers

The famous rapper and icon DMX died yesterday after being hospitalized last week because of a heart attack he suffered at home. Even though he wasn’t on the scene for a while, his music impacted an entire generation of fans, and among those fans are quite a few former and current NBA players. 

Former NBA player Ray Allen shared a post on his Instagram about the impact DMX had on him early on in his career after seeing him perform live. Even though Allen admits he never knew him personally, DMX’s energy on the stage was contagious. That performance inspired Allen to have the same type of approach whenever he is playing basketball. 

I remember when I first seen DMX come onto the scene. It was at the Apollo back in 1998. At that very moment, I was watching hip hop take flight on that stage. Dmx and the rest of the crew came out and killed it. I was watching young black men command the audience and show the world their power. At that time, I just finished my second year in the NBA and I was inspired. I too, wanted to put that energy into the world. We lost a good one today y’all! I didn’t know DMX personally, but he had an effect on me as a young man. His music helped motivate me, inspire me, rev me up, you name it. When I put The Dawg on I was ready to go! Another young man gone way too soon. Cherish your people-whether family, friends or someone you admire from a far, appreciate who we have now because we don’t get them forever.

Ray Allen, via Instagram

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Kevin Garnett is another player that had a lot of respect and admiration for DMX and his music. When you think about it, you could actually see the resemblance in their aggressive demeanor and a lot of energy they put into their respective professions. Garnett said DMX’s music resonated with him so much that he tried to play the game in the same way DMX was rapping. 

When DMX hit, I was already in the league. DMX barked the same way I barked. His voice wasn’t smooth. His tone was harsh. I liked that. His music resonated. I played like the music I was listening too: in your face. DMX gave us our anthems. 

Kevin Garnett, via KG: A to Z

Other NBA players also paid their respect for the rap legend that unfortunately left this world way too soon. His music impacted millions of fans worldwide and the NBA community as well, and these posts by Garnett and Allen are a perfect example of that. His music will never be forgotten because it was different, and his delivery was something very few could match and replicate. Rest in peace DMX!