Kevin Durant threatened Michael Rapaport in a heated online argument

Kevin Durant threatened Michael Rapaport in a heated online argument

We haven’t seen Kevin Durant lately, as he has been sidelined with an injury for some time now. But that didn’t stop KD from making his way into the headlines. Durant’s social media antics have become a regular occurrence. KD is known for responding to critics and getting into arguments, but this time, Durant went too far. Personal Instagram DM’s between the Nets superstar and actor Michael Rapaport have surfaced online, and they show Durant unloading a series of insults and even threats at the often critical Rapaport.

We can see some pretty nasty and personal insults coming from Durant in those screenshots, even ultimately threatening to beat Rapaport up in public. The actor is known as being a guest on numerous shows like “First Take” or “Undisputed”, where Rapaport often shares his opinion with no filter or holding back, in true New York style. The messages date back to December when Rapaport called out KD following his uninterested interview with Charles Barkley on TNT. Rapaport didn’t take Durant’s words lightly, as the beef continued on Twitter.

Durant tried to claim it was just some inside joking with a friend that he talks on the regular, but Rapaport denied it and fired back at Durant.

Both Durant and Rapaport have gotten their fair share of criticism for these antics, as nobody likes to see these kinds of private conversations and arguments leak online. After all, we care about Kevin Durant, the basketball player and not a Social Media warrior. Hopefully, Durant is back on the floor soon, so he doesn’t have too much time to spend time on IG and Twitter.

A possible complication in the situation is the fact Durant used insults that can be considered homophobic. If the NBA is to be consistent, they should fine KD. To remind you, Kobe Bryant paid $100.000 for shouting a homophobic slur at referee Bennie Adams during a game against the Spurs back in 2011. 

Durant started the season off great coming off the injury, looking like the old version of himself, averaging 29.0 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game, but in only 19 games. His Brooklyn Nets are locking stacked after all the trades and buyout acquisitions, but if they want to win it all, they will need a healthy Kevin Durant back.