Kevin Durant thinks Boston Celtics have the best chances to beat Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant thinks Boston Celtics have the best chances to beat Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is having his best season since he joined the Golden State Warriors. Durant has been hitting on all cylinders influencing both ends of the floor. This lead to a very impressive 9-1 start from the Warriors, and many already see them getting another championship at the end of the season.

The main problem NBA has at the moment is that the Warriors are just too powerful for the rest of the league and it seems this will not change any time soon.

In a recent interview, Durant shared his thoughts about the competition and teams who could challenge them in the playoffs. He thinks Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks are the teams’ Warriors could potentially have problems with when facing them in the playoffs or in a direct matchup during the regular season.

I feel like they’re good teams, you know what I’m saying? I feel like they are teams that can contend. I’m not saying that they’re going to knock us off easily, but I’m just saying that those are the teams that you’ll see in the second or third week of the playoffs.

When asked about one team he thinks that could potentially overthrow the Warriors this season he mentions Boston Celtics as one of the biggest contenders to win an NBA title.

Um, I mean, to knock us off? Boston. They’ve got a deep team. They’ve got a collection of talented scorers where it’s going to be hard to switch guys on. They’ve got a big man (in Horford) who can facilitate like Draymond. They’ve got a great coach (in Brad Stevens), a great atmosphere, a great home court advantage, and they’ve got a lot of length. Those are usually the teams that give us trouble.

Alongside all the young talent Boston accumulated in the last couple of season either by drafting or trading players, the experience of actually playing big games in the crucial moments is what separates good teams from the rest. Boston Celtics have that in Kyrie Irving, who is a proven all-star caliber player, an NBA champion with the Cavaliers and can pass down that knowledge to the young core of Celtics players.

Yeah, I mean he’s the only veteran guy who has been through the grind of winning and losing the last game of your season in the playoffs. He’s the only one who has been through that. And those guys have been in Game 7s before, so I think that experience is going to help, along with Kyrie’s knowledge of playoff basketball. But I think they’re just young and spry and hungry. I feel like we’re the same way, but we’re just on a different – we’ve got all different experiences. We’ve experienced a little bit more than them, and I think that’s the only difference.

Durant believes Boston can challenge them on both ends of the floor. Don’t forget a young core of Tatum, Brown, and Smart with some excellent veteran players in Irving, Hayward, and Horford. They are in the perfect opportunity to finally win the eastern conference now that LeBron is gone and have enough firepower to do it.

You’ve got to play both ends of the floor at every possession (against Boston). Even when the scheme is to switch pick and roll, switch everything, you’ve still got to be ready for a scorer once you switch onto him. You’ve got to be ready for different actions. There’s a lot you’ve got to worry about out there. I think when you’re playing against a team that you know you can beat, you’re playing more so off of straight instincts, athleticism and talent, and a little bit of smarts. I think you have to use your smarts against Boston.