Kevin Durant still believes the Boston Celtics are one of the best teams in the NBA despite recent struggles

Kevin Durant still believes the Boston Celtics are one of the best teams in the NBA despite recent struggles

The Boston Celtics lost 5 out of 6 of their last games and it’s obvious something is not working within the team with chemistry being one of the biggest issues.

Even though the Celtics were considered as the top contender to perhaps challenge the Warriors in the upcoming NBA finals, based on their season so far they might not even make it far in the playoffs. So far there were numerous reports about the absolute disorder within the system Brad Stevens is running.

In an interview today, Kevin Durant was asked about the struggles the Celtics are facing at the moment and said they still need a bit more time in order to play the same way they did last season, especially in the playoffs. Based on those performances, but also adding Kyrie Irving back to the roster alongside with Gordon Hayward brought a lot of excitement for the fans prior to this season. Durant believes the combination of young talent and experienced players the Celtics have will need a bit more time to figure out the chemistry issue.

I mean, everybody else was probably thinking they were supposed to be clicking and win 65 games cause they had talent and went to the eastern conference finals to game 7. It’s a new season and a lot of teams changed their rosters and it’s a different team. They are still getting used to each other with having Hayward and Kyre back and another year of experience for the guys that have been through the playoffs. There will be some ups and downs in the season but that is the nature of the game. You got a bunch of young players and a couple of veterans that have been through the struggle.  They are still trying to figure each other out and it will take half a year or even more than that.

When asked about possibly accelerating the progress of developing chemistry, Durant said he that’s impossible and that players need to figure that among themselves.

You can’t accelerate it. It’s like comparing it to relationships where you can’t accelerate it and go straight from dating to marriage in a month. It’s the same thing.  Over time you just have to pattern the behavior and for that you need time.