KEVIN DURANT RESPONDS TO WARRIORS PRESIDENT BOB MYERS’s comment about them not enjoying their second championship in 2017/18 season

Even though the NBA league hasn’t started, NBA players are active on their social media channels, where they comment on various basketball-related topics. This time, Kevin Durant responded to Golden State Warriors President Bob Myer’s recent comments about the Warriors winning the championship in 2017/18. Durant is known for his antics using burner accounts on various social media platforms. Still, this time he responded through his official account on Myer’s comments on how winning a championship that season wasn’t a big deal for the team.

In an interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Bob Myers said the there wasn’t much joy after winning that championship, because they all expected that to happen since it was evident there is no one who could beat the Warriors in a 7-game series.

“Second title team with Kevin Durant wasn’t joy because it felt like, ‘Well, we just did what we were supposed to do, and great job.'”

Bob Myers, via ESPN

Myers’ comments propelled Durant to engage on a picture of the Golden State Warriors receiving their Larry O’Brien trophy, where all of them look pretty happy with their achievement.

“N****s look happy as s**t in that pic, though.”

Kevin Durant, via Instagram

Even though some would consider these comments by Myers to be a bit ridiculous, especially when he is trying to minimize the accomplishments of that team, however, it’s fair to say Warriors were cruising that season. They won 58 games in the regular season and pretty much dismantled every team in the playoffs except the Houston Rockets, who took them to seven games. After that season, it was evident Durant was one step away from leaving the Warriors, which happened after they lost in the NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors. Durant signed with the New Jersey Nets and still hasn’t played a single game for his new team.