Kevin Durant liked a tweet that diminishes Steph Curry’s impact on the Warriors

Kevin Durant liked a tweet that diminishes Steph Curry’s impact on the Warriors

Kevin Durant is back at it again. Only this time, he didn’t use one of his burner accounts. Although he probably meant to.

The Nets superstar liked a Tweet saying: “Kevin Durant was better than Steph Curry both those years. Everybody knows it, bro. Don’t try and kid urself. This mf Curry needed another MVP and 3 All-Stars to get the job done.” Here’s the screen recording to prove the whole thing is legit.

KD’s official Twitter profile wasn’t even mentioned in the post, meaning that the 11x All-Star looked it up manually. He later unliked the post, but at that point, the damage had already been as Durant’s case for the NBA’s worst Twitter user keeps on building itself. He had already secured the title of being the most active one.

Although somewhat unintentional, the timing of KD’s latest Twitter shenanigans is weird. Steph Curry is playing the best basketball of his life, averaging 40.8 points on .548/.503/.909 shooting in April, coming off an epic 49-point performance in a win against the 76ers. Meanwhile, Durant suffered yet another injury and was forced to leave Sunday’s game against the Heat due to a left thigh contusion. He missed yesterday’s game against the Pelicans – the Nets won 134-129 – and remains without a timetable for return.

When healthy, KD has played on an MVP level — 27.3 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 5.2 assists. The only issue is, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy, having played only 24 games thus far in the season. So why go back 3,4 years and take subtle shots at his former teammate with the Warriors? To remind people that, despite Curry’s incredible run, the 6-11 forward is still the better player.

When he won the ’17 Finals MVP, Durant said it didn’t matter. When he beat out Curry again in ’18, he said it was all about the team success and not individual accolades. Now, when the spotlight is on Steph, and he is struggling to stay on the floor, Durant steered the conversation back to their run in Golden State when he was universally recognized as the better player of the two.

And perhaps he still is. Hopefully, we’ll get to see it come Playoff time. The basketball court is the place to prove it. Twitter isn’t. It never was with Durant.