Kevin Durant debated people live on Twitter Space: ‘Yall are really insecure’

Kevin Durant debated people live on Twitter Space: ‘Yall are really insecure’

By now, it’s evident Kevin Durant loves to communicate with his followers no matter which platform he is on, under which account, and no matter what the topic is all about. The most recent one came in the form of Durant actively debate his fans about defensive schemes, Warriors, Steph Curry getting more love than him, and being irritated by the lack of appreciation from the media.

Durant went live on Twitter Space to discuss different topics with fans, and one of them called him out, saying he is jealous he doesn’t get the same attention as some of those other stars he played for so far in his career. Durant didn’t hold back and actually made a good comment about fans being stuck in narratives that the media is serving them about who is better. He doesn’t care about those discussions and stories and clearly doesn’t want media attention, especially if it’s negative.

Yall are really insecure about what these media guys got saying about Steph, and I am a big Steph fan, but yall are insecurely projecting it on me. I don’t give a shit about what people got to say about who is better on a team, who gets cheered the loudest. That shit never mattered to me. Over time you got irritated with the media, and you are trying to blame that shit on me like I was creating these stories.

Kevin Durant, via Twitter Space

Durant was often ridiculed because of his antics on Twitter; however, he took a different approach speaking directly with followers about the topics they are curious about without any filters. It was a mixture of debating things strictly related to basketball, Durant’s character and why he does certain things, and most importantly, without a middle man, which is the media in this case. Interacting with NBA players directly is something we don’t see that often so this was a great move by KD to clear out the air a bit and show a different side to him hiding behind fake Twitter accounts all these years.

You can listen to the entire conversation between KD and his followers on the link below.