Kevin Durant and LeBron James fired back at “old-heads” because of the criticism of young players

Kevin Durant and LeBron James fired back at “old-heads” because of the criticism of young players

When you are a public figure, especially an athlete, you are often the target for a lot of criticism and hate, especially in today’s digitalized world where access to communication with those people is more effortless and global than ever. NBA players are no strangers to that, as they are faced with various hate and criticism daily, mostly from fans, but lately even more from their former peers.

Two of the biggest stars in the NBA, Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant and Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James, recently shared their opinions on that topic:

Under an Instagram post by @CuffsTheLegend that asked why today’s young players are too sensitive to constructive criticism and are players today too sensitive, KD and LBJ shared their thoughts.

Durant thinks that the retired players need to enjoy retirement and let coaches deal with young players and get the best out of them. At the same time, James pointed out a difference between giving constructive criticism and straight-up hating, recognized in the delivery. Both of these players have dealt with a lot of that during their career, as they are held to the highest standards, so they certainly know what they are talking about.

This conversation has stirred up recently many comments by retired NBA players, mostly negative regarding the younger generation of players. Shaquille O’Neal is under the most fire. He has been bashing Rudy Gobert for some time now because of his contract, James Harden after his trade, and most recently Donovan Mitchell in a very awkward post-game interview in which Shaq straight up told him he couldn’t reach the next level.

Many people agree that former players should be more positive in their comments and at least try to be constructive when giving a critic to someone to help and uplift them instead of trying to put them down. Hopefully, we see some change and positivity soon.