Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had a message for all the haters after beating France

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had a message for all the haters after beating France

Team USA won their fourth gold medal in a row at the Olympics after a thrilling 87-82 win against France. The leading scorer for Team USA was Kevin Durant again with 29 points, and he proved once again he is the deadliest and one of the most efficient players in the world right now. When the tournament started, there were a lot of talks in the media about Team USA not being a legitimate candidate to win the gold because of their poor performances in exhibition games. However, as the tournament progressed, Team USA was building on their chemistry and figuring things out on the go.

After their win against France, heading into their press conference Draymond Green and Kevin Durant went live on Durant’s live IG and had a few words for all the critics that never believed they could win the gold medal. Draymond Green had a few particular words for Kendrick Perkins that was often heard criticizing Team USA.

Kendrick Perkins you talk a lot of shit, a lot of shit. Act like you are American.

Everybody who said we are going to take the L. They had the power rankings out, and they had us fourth behind Slovenia. Come on, man, they are talking about how they are catching up to us, like are you serious. This skill is unmatched. Shot-out to everyone who won this gold, everybody that chipped in and helped out. We are going to the press conference, but I had to talk my shit real quick.

Kevin Durant & Draymond Green, via IG Live

Team USA accomplished what it set out at the beginning of this tournament, and even though it was a bumpy ride, they succeeded. Durant was the main driving force behind Team USA as he became the all-time leading scorer for the US national team, surpassing Carmelo Anthony and establishing himself as the best offensive player in the world at the moment. Even though it’s evident the world is catching up to the US, other national teams will need to have even more firepower in the future if they want to compete for a gold medal against Team USA that is always loaded with great players.