Kerr explains why Steph is ready to be the MVP again

Kerr explains why Steph is ready to be the MVP again

With Kevin Durant in Brooklyn and Klay Thompson out for most of the season, Steph Curry has a lot more to do on offense this season. His preseason performances showed us Steph is in top form and ready to step right back into the role he had in both his MVP seasons. But, entering his 11th NBA season Curry is mindful of the importance of including D’Angelo Russell in the Warriors system and saving his body for the playoffs.

So the question becomes, how much will Steph have to do to keep the Warriors in a playoff position in the West, and will Steve Kerr play him the minutes necessary to do so? We know that Kerr was the one who wanted to rest players in the 73 win season, but in the end, he caved and let them chase the record. How does Kerr think about the upcoming season and Steph’s workload? (via ESPN):

“Just the usual,” Kerr said after Sunday’s practice. “I’m not looking for anything different than what he’s done for five years, but what he’s done is pretty special: two MVPs and a perennial top-five player. He’s had an incredible camp. To me, he’s at his peak physically, mentally. He’s seen every defense that people have thrown at him now during his career, and he’s ready to have a great year.”

Kerr elaborated that Steph is at the sweet spot where he is still in his prime physically, but with much more experience than in his MVP seasons. By now Steph has seen every possible thing a defense can try against him and knows what the counters are. That experience slows the game down, while his body still doesn’t do the same. 

Steph did change his game the most to accommodate Durant, but the silver lining is that in doing so, he saved some NBA mileage on his body. This season seems like a good time to use that reserve.