Kenny Smith thinks LeBron James was passing up on shots vs. the Suns

Kenny Smith thinks LeBron James was passing up on shots vs. the Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers had a disappointing loss vs. the Phoenix Suns, who came ready to play and wanted to win more than the Lakers. The Suns did a great job at scouting the Lakers and completely disrupting them on offense. It was surreal to see the Lakers so powerless on offense in specific points, and that credit goes to the Suns’ players who played great defense the entire game, especially on LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Even though LeBron was the leading scorer for the Lakers, he finished the game with only 18 points which is well below his season average. The rest of his squad was even worse, and you have to give the Suns their credit for making it extremely hard for them to score, especially LeBron.

After the game, Kenny Smith said LeBron was too passive offensively and will have to put himself in a position to score and be more aggressive because that is what was missing from him today.

He’s gotta be scoring because they can’t score enough baskets if he is getting 20-25 points. He has to be in that 30-35 range. He has to be offensive mode aggressive because they are doubling AD. No one else can really score, and I thought LeBron passed up shots to people, which he had done throughout his career, but this is not the time, and this is not the team I don’t think.

Kenny Smith, via NBA on TNT

LeBron only attempted 13 field goal attempts and made six of them, which is nearly not enough for someone who wants to take over a game in crucial moments. Kenny is right; LeBron will have to take a more aggressive approach and get himself going more on offense. That way, he can create more opportunities for his teammates and release some pressure from AD, who had a mediocre game today because he was constantly double-teamed.

LeBron always looked to involve his teammates before himself, but now is the time to showcase the other side of his game we know exists because that is what his team needs the most.