Kenny Smith calls Pat Beverly the Dennis Rodman of this era, as Charles has a priceless reaction

Kenny Smith calls Pat Beverly the Dennis Rodman of this era, as Charles has a priceless reaction

There is no question that the NBA was much tougher back in the days, with numerous players that could talk the talk and walk the walk. Players like Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, Charles Oakley, and similar guys are sort of a lost breed in today’s NBA, but a handful of guys are trying to bring that type of energy in today’s game.

One of those guys is most definitely Patrick Beverly, who made a name for himself in this league because of his trash-talking antics and controversial actions on the court rather than his basketball skills. His reputation would prove to be still valid, as he made waves after pushing Chris Paul from the back and getting ejected in the elimination of his Clippers.

Beverly will face the consequences, as he will most likely be suspended for the start of next season and, well deservingly, as he received a lot of backlash for his actions. Still, after the dust settled down, Beverly went to Twitter to apologize to Chris Paul.

The Inside the NBA crew talked about the Suns clinching a Finals appearance last night, and of course, shared their opinion on the Beverly-Paul incident. Kenny Smith tried to defend Beverly by saying this is just how he makes his presence felt and stay in the league by comparing him to who other than the great Dennis Rodman. That would spark some reactions from the rest of the crew, especially Charles Barkley, who was in disbelief:

“Pat Bev, he’s Dennis Rodman of this era. If he doesn’t play on this emotion, he’s not as good, but it takes him to that. I’m talking about in this era in terms of like thought process. The way Pat Beverly plays, if he doesnt play on that emotion he’s not an NBA player possibly.”

Kenny Smith, via NBA on TNT

“Excuse me? Excuse me? Listen we all like Pat Bev, but don’t compare him to Dennis Rodman. Please stop. Please stop.”

Charles Barkley, via NBA on TNT

I can see where Kenny is coming from, as he has a point that Beverly probably wouldn’t be in the NBA if he didn’t manage to brand himself as the formidable defensive stopper that every team needs. But to compare him with the likes of Dennis Rodman, who is one of the greatest defenders and rebounders of all time, is, to say the least, disrespectful Charles made sure he let Kenny know about it in the hilarious way only he knows.

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