Kenny Anderson names his favorite starting five from players coming from NYC

Kenny Anderson names his favorite starting five from players coming from NYC

New York City produced numerous great NBA players, and Kenny Anderson is one of them. Anderson made a name for himself playing for the New Jersey Nets in the early ’90s, in which he earned his only All-Star appearance. That Nets squad from the early ’90s was exceptional, having a solid group of players that were able to make several playoff appearances but couldn’t get past the second round.

In a recent interview for the Heavy podcast, Anderson talked about the impact players from NYC had on the NBA and how there was always a great pool of talented players in the city. Numerous of them went to become pros and left their mark on the league.

Anderson talked about his favorite starting lineup that consists of some of the most famous names in NBA history, and they all came from his home city.

First of all, the point guard that I truly admire and love that could lead the team is Tiny Archibald. Julius Erving would probably play the three, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar is like the five, totally number five. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is awesome. I’m also gonna put a guy that I looked up to, which is Kenny Smith. Put Anthony Mason in there as well as the power forward. He was my guy, and I hope he rests in peace. Mace in yo Face, that’s my guy.

Kenny Anderson, via Heavy

Anderson also mentioned Stephon Marbury as another great guard from NYC alongside himself but believed this starting lineup could challenge any team and have a shot to win. Basketball was always an integral part of different communities around NYC and will continue to be so in the upcoming years. The success of the Nets and hopefully the Knicks in the upcoming years will propel even more interest for basketball in a community that always had talented players that made their names known on the global stage.