Kendrick Perkins apologizes to Stephen Curry and admits he was jealous of him

Kendrick Perkins apologizes to Stephen Curry and admits he was jealous of him

Stephen Curry continued with his dominant performances, and this time his victim was the Philadelphia 76ers. Curry dropped 49 points, making 10 out of 17 threes and just simply showcasing a repertoire of moves that proved to be too hard of a task for every Philly defender. There were many question marks coming into this season regarding Curry and his performance after the injury, but now, everyone is even convinced Curry should be in the MVP discussion.

Former NBA player and current analyst Kendrick Perkins went on his social media to praise what Curry is doing this season, apologizing to him for all the negative comments he made about him in the past. Perkins described everything that Curry is doing as legendary, and we have to agree with that because it seems he elevated his game even more, especially in the last few weeks. He is pretty much the Warriors‘ entire offense, and we haven’t seen a defender in the NBA that was able to slow him down, let alone completely shut Curry down.

Hey @StephenCurry30 anything that I’ve ever said negative about you I apologize Sir! What you are doing on the court and the game of basketball is beyond LEGENDARY!!! Another 49 piece spicy with the W. I was just jealous because you were light skin and I’m not! Carry the hell on.

Kendrick Perkins, via Twitter

The Warriors are currently sitting in the 9th position in the western conference with only one win away from making the playoffs. Curry is the main reason they are even in the position to make the playoffs, and his 31.4 points per game is a career-high, and proof Curry is one of the most dominant players in the league. If the Warriors improve their standings, there is no doubt Curry belongs in the MVP discussion this year because, as Perkins mentioned, the things he is doing right now are nothing short of legendary.