Kemba Walker was brutally honest about the Celtics awful performance

Kemba Walker was brutally honest about the Celtics awful performance

The Boston Celtics have had a rough patch recently. From a team that was in the Eastern Conference Finals last year to a 13-13 score this season, the Celtics’ form is obviously declining. Over the previous ten games, the Celtics recorded only three wins. In that stretch, they’ve played with six teams that are above .500, but on the other hand, they’ve lost to the Kings, Pistons, and most recently, Wizards.

The game vs. Washington was one that all the Celtics fans and especially players would love to forget as soon as possible. In one of their worst displays, only three players made more than two shots. Again, only Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker, and Jayson Tatum successfully shot the ball through the hoop more than twice. In addition to that, the Celtics had only two players shooting over 40% (three if you count Tacko Fall with his one field goal attempt). Also, they’ve shot 18/30 from the free-throw line. It seems like the players have lost all of their confidence.

“Teams go through adversity every single year at some point of the season, and it’s just all about how you overcome it. The only way you can overcome adversity is by doing it as a whole, doing it together, and that we will do. I could care less what people think. That is not what this is about. This is about us getting better. Every year is different, we have new guys, young guys, and that’s on us, myself, and the guys that’s been around. We got to change some things. We will. Them players-only meetings don’t work, to be honest. I’m gonna figure it out and get my guys together…We just gotta play harder. When you play hard, great things happen. It can’t get no worse than this”, Walker said after the tough loss.

Kemba Walker, via Jared Weiss

One thing that’s been going in Boston’s favor is the competition. The East is not that stacked as the West, so the Celtics are holding the 5th position. In the West, they’d be in the play-in tournament. However, that isn’t something to hold on to. The Celtics gave to find their groove once again.

“We sucked today and we haven’t played well over the last few games for whatever reason. But I believe we can turn it around at any moment”

Jaylen Brown, via Jared Weiss

It’s definitively a positive thing for coach Brad Stevens that his players understand the position they’re in and what’s expected of them. But Stevens and his coaching staff have to find answers for horrible displays of their team. They don’t have much time in this shortened 72-game season.

Celtics almost never make in-season trades, but the $28.6 million exception they acquired in the Gordon Hayward sign-and-trade with the Hornets is reason for Boston fans to expect Danny Ainge to make some moves and improves the Celtics roster.