Kelly Oubre’s historic cold streak
0 FOR 17

Kelly Oubre’s historic cold streak

After Klay Thompson went down, everyone knew the Warriors are out of the title conversation. But to their credit, Joe Lacob and Peter Guber gave the go-ahead for bringing in Kelly Oubre, which will cost the Warriors $80 million. There’s no replacing Klay, but no-one expected Oubre to start with one of the coldest shooting streaks in recent NBA history.

So far, Kelly Oubre is shooting 0 for 17 from behind the arc and 7 out of 40 from the field – a staggering 17.5%. The only time Oubre scores points is if he dunks. His current level of performance is one reason why the Warriors are in a position to celebrate a comeback win against the Bulls in December. It’s not been easy these first few games. 

Oubre shot 35.2% for three last season, and there’s no reason to think he can’t get back to his form from last year. His assimilation into the Warriors’ way will be a different story. Ball movement is the foundation of Warriors basketball, and Oubre has a lot to do in that department. Steph‘s and Kerr‘s faces tell it all after Kelly dribbled the air out of the ball in their second game against the Bucks. 

Look, there’s no need to panic. If someone who doesn’t follow the NBA looked at the standings, they’d think the undefeated Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic will be in the Eastern Conference Finals. We are well into small sample size theater right now. But the Warriors understand the value of every game in a shortened 72 game season. 

“We need to win, immediately. We don’t really have a good flow on offense. We’re making things a little too easy on the [opposition] defense in terms of sustained execution – we’re getting some pretty good looks, myself included, but we need to make more.”

Steph Curry, ESPN

They did win. But a team that’s projected to pay $147 million in luxury tax can’t be satisfied with winning against the Bulls in December. They may not the in the title conversation, but making the playoffs is a must for this team. They need to start playing a lot better if they are to do that.