“KD was in our league, he got upset and left the league”

“KD was in our league, he got upset and left the league”

The access we have to stories in and around the NBA has never been greater. Social media, podcasts, youtube channels expanded so much in the past few years it seems we know everything there is to know about players. Yet, sometimes we get reminded there’s still so much we don’t know about.

If I could pick one current player to hear all the stories about, it would be Kevin Durant. As much as reporters talked about all the control OKC had in media access and calling every time anything critical would be written about KD, as much as his time at the Warriors was filled with controversy and coverage, the number of comments about his sensitivity was still overwhelming.

But, a story breaks through here and there and it keeps painting a picture about the way KD works with the world around him. Let me point out one thing, I have no problem with someone being more sensitive or care more about what people think about him than the average person. I do sometimes get annoyed when the person tries to argue they are not sensitive. Just own it! So, back to the story.

It’s football fantasy time and leagues are being formed in the millions. As you can imagine, a lot of pro athletes follow football and have their own fantasy leagues. Jalen Rose is in one of those leagues and he shared details on his league on Get Up:

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We need to find out what got him so upset. 😀 (Via @getupespn )

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The laugh in the room when he talked about KD tells you what you need to know about his reputation around the league. Durant is just an emotional guy. What we didn’t find out is how many people are in the league and is it a winner takes all kind of thing.

One other thing – this goes to show why tampering is a ridiculous concept. Former players, current players, agents, all in the same fantasy league. I’m sure there is no basketball talk there whatsoever.