KD: “I would like to play in Barcelona”

KD: “I would like to play in Barcelona”

Kevin Durant has been recovering from his injury and using the free time to talk about basketball. In an appearance on the “How Hungry Are You?” with Serge Ibaka, everyone talked about KD eating some snake made by Serge. (props for the subliminal message)

In the interview, KD did share an interesting idea. Serge wondered what is left after being an NBA and Olympic champion and Durant had an unorthodox answer (via How Hungry Are You?):

“I really want to play overseas my last year. At Barcelona. I would, one of these days. That’s the second-best league in the world. EuroLeague games look fun. I don’t know for a fact if I’ll do it, but it would be cool to experience it.”

Euroleague is usually a way for American players to get into the NBA or a backup for lockout seasons. Not a lot of NBA stars expressed a desire to see what European basketball is like. Kobe was the only superstar that talked about finishing his career in Europe, but it never happened.

KD is on a max contract with a $42.7 million player option in ’22/’23. Let’s assume he returns next season and plays three healthy seasons (meaning he takes the player option) in Brooklyn. That would bring us to a 34-year-old Durant in the summer of 2023. With his style of play and (knock on wood) good health, Durant would still be a legitimate star in the NBA.

Would you be surprised if he leaves for Barcelona? I wouldn’t.