Durant explains why he responds to everything on social media

Durant explains why he responds to everything on social media

KD’s had a lot of time on his hands, as his Achilles rehab is in the early stages. The superstar is able to walk on his own and has been making the rounds, from THe Kunckleheads podcast, First Take on ESPN, and most recently the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

That was a chance to hear KD talk about a few projects he and his agent Rich Kleiman were putting together. As many NBA superstars these days, KD is about to debut a scripted series called “Swagger,” loosely based on his upbringing in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball.

During his appearance, KD was asked about his social media availability. Specifically, the fact it seems like he replies to almost every comment and post about him on social media. Often described as sensitive and thin-skinned, KD explained why he can’t put his phone down (via Fox News):

“I don’t try to look at it as bigger than that or smaller than that. I just feel as though it’s so easy connecting with people watching the game of basketball and [who] may have seen you play in person or want to see you play,” Durant said. “If you got questions, if you wanna troll, if you wanna ask about different things, I’m always open to it.

He used to do it through a burner account, now through his official one, KD enjoys the back and forth with fans and media members. Still, we’ve seen him complain about “the media” analyzing and speculating about his every move and decision. We are yet to find out if Durant accepted that he couldn’t pick and choose when he gets the attention, but he did acknowledge he does use it at time.

“I try to use social media in that way. And, at the same time, maybe [a] shameless plug here and there. Most of the time it’s just interacting with fans.”

KD confirmed he wouldn’t play this year, but it’s great to see him active and engaged with fans despite that. Hopefully, he makes a full recovery because as much as he can be entertaining on Twitter, the Nets and NBA need him on the court.