Kawhi wanted to team up with George long before we knew it

Kawhi wanted to team up with George long before we knew it

With all the drama happening this summer, Paul George requesting a trade to team up with Kawhi caught everybody by surprise. Hundreds of news outlets and websites simulated every possible scenario, and you’d have a hard time finding one that predicted this would happen.

After their first press appearance as Clippers, Kawhi and Paul sat down with Rachel Nichols to talk about the whole process. Nichols asked the most interesting question – how did this happen, who started the communication? George looked at Kawhi with a smile on his face, and the Fun Guy reminded us once again how little we know about him. (via The Jump)

“Well, the idea started, you know, me playing in San Antonio and him being on the Pacers. I was trying to get San Antonio to get him over with us. You know how things work with trades. He ended up to the Thunder, probably had a better package for him. That’s when the initial idea started.”

This may shine additional light on why Kawhi wasn’t happy in San Antonio. We know big trades with lots of assets are not the Spurs way. They draft their core, bring guys in and develop a culture. Trading away important pieces to get a star was never the San Antonio Spurs way of doing business.

Kawhi was obviously pressuring the Spurs to trade for PG and get him help. He was dealing with his injury then and seems he wanted to have a superstar partner, something he didn’t have on the Spurs and a player like that wasn’t on the horizon.

Goes to show that even with Woj and all other insiders tearing Twitter up, there is still a lot we don’t know about the motivation behind a lot of these moves.