Kawhi: “That man has too much energy.”

Kawhi: “That man has too much energy.”

Even with getting Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets are no.2 in the free agency ranking this summer. The Los Angeles Clippers got Kawhi, and Paul George to pair up with a 48 win team and have top-level talent and depth. If that weren’t enough, they teamed up with this guy.

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Kawhi and Ballmer are a hillarious combo 😂

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When the Clippers had their meeting with Kawhi, he was quite honest and direct. He told Steve Ballmer he liked him and everything he did around the team, but the Clippers were not a championship team in his eyes. Then the Clippers showed him a list of players they believed they could get, and the rest is history.

There’s no reason not to believe Kawhi was honest with Ballmer and that he does like him, but their characters couldn’t be further apart. Ballmer is known for his energy; he has only one speed – 100. Kawhi is the complete opposite. So this story from Doc Rivers doesn’t surprise (via Arash Markazi):

“After Kawhi signed, we had this meeting and Ballmer walks in punching the air and making all these sounds and Kawhi, who doesn’t say much, leans over and says, ‘That man has too much energy.’

Even if you are a Lakers fan, can you think of a more interesting parade duo than Steve Ballmer and Kawhi Leonard?