Kawhi on Durant’s injury: “Make sure you come back when you feel healthy”

Kawhi on Durant’s injury: “Make sure you come back when you feel healthy”

Kawhi Leonard was shocked by Kevin Durant’s injury. Kevin Durant’s Achilles tendon rupture left a mark on the Toronto Raptors players too. Kawhi Leonard gave a tip to the  Golden State Warriors star after his injury.

Kawhi on KD injury: “Hope he gets well soon.”

After Kevin Durant confirmed the rupture of his right Achilles tendon via Instagram, some experts assume that the superstar of the Warriors may have to take a break of up to a year. A similar situation experienced Kawhi Leonard as well; he was able to complete only nine games in 2017/18 due to a persistent quadriceps injury.

We work so hard to get to that point and then the game is simply taken away,” Kawhi said of his own experiences during the long break. “You have to change your mindset and just try to get better every day.

Kawhi called KD’s injury “devastating” and gave the two-time Finals MVP a tip for the coming months:

Of course you want to come back as the player you used to be, but first make sure you come back when you feel healthy and good enough and when you are going to be self-confident enough, this day will come, you just have to attack every single day.

Leonard had to take some criticism for his long break. Finally, it caused disagreements with the Spurs. While Spurs medical staff declared he was fit, the small forward didn’t feel ready enough for a comeback. The dispute between the two parties over the handling of Kawhi’s injury ultimately led to the “break” and the trade to Toronto.