Kawhi Leonard with a brutally honest response about the All-Star game: ‘It’s money on the line’

Kawhi Leonard with a brutally honest response about the All-Star game: ‘It’s money on the line’

A few days ago, it was decided the NBA All-Star game will be played in Atlanta on March 7. Even though there were initial concerns about whether it makes to even organize the game because of health and safety protocols, the league has decided to make it happen. Several NBA players spoke openly about how that might be a bad idea, and it’s pointless to have the game without the fans present.

Kawhi Leonard talked about the upcoming All-Star game and actually gave one of the most brutally honest answers when asked about it. Even though nobody really talks about it that much, even though it’s quite evident, the purpose of having the All-Star game is to keep the tradition going and draw significant viewership, which essentially means more revenue for the league.

It is, what it is at this point. We all know why we’re playing it. It’s money on the line and an opportunity to make more money … and putting money over health, pretty much. We’re playing games now, and it’s still a pandemic, we’re doing all these protocols and rules, so that really doesn’t surprise me.

Kawhi Leonard

Whether the concern from a health perspective is valid, the NBA has done a great job so far with getting players tested and recently announcing none of the players have the virus. There is no worry that the players will perform in the same manner they did before; however, the experience itself will not be the same without the fans in attendance. Therefore, the league needs to make sure it keeps the interest up from the audience, and the All-Star game is usually a good way to achieve that. The players are the leagues’ biggest assets, so there will probably be strict protocols to ensure their health is protected.