Kawhi Leonard joins X2 Performance in an equity deal

Kawhi Leonard joins X2 Performance in an equity deal

Energy drink maker X2 Performance has announced Kawhi Leonard as the latest member of the company’s board of directors.

Even though the terms of Kawhi’s equity stake are yet to be disclosed, X2’s CEO Mark French described Leonard as a “significant shareholder” and someone who’ll be heavily involved in product innovation, as well as marketing support, with his image being of utmost importance for the company’s further growth.

He will be the face of the brand. Leonard is “very hands-on” with X2′s marketing approach. There isn’t a more perfect partner for this than Kawhi. He’s perfect for us because he’s serious and not flashy.

Mark French, CNBC

On paper, this looks like a seamless fit, as the persona Kawhi embodies goes in line with what the company represents and is hoping to grow into in foreseeable future. That’s why, after going through an extensive selection process, Leonard went with X2, as he decided to endorse the products that are natural and tested to the highest standards of quality and purity.

I have been approached by many beverage and supplement brands, but I decided to join X2 because it is natural with clean ingredients. I love the products and the impact it’s had on my training and performance.

Kawhi Leonard, CNBC

Kawhi even came up with the product line’s tagline – ‘The best-kept secret in sports until now.’ The company’s strategy of revealing the secret is clear; instead of flashy marketing efforts, X2 will promote itself on Facebook during its “Buy Black Friday” series and will repurpose a Leonard interview on Instagram, keeping things natural and organic, like the brand they’re promoting.

X2 products are tested and trusted by professional athletes, championship organizations and is loyally purchased by over 20 professional sports teams in all four major leagues to fuel their training and game-day performance. The company uses clear ingredients that are both effective and of the highest quality and are based on a patented formula to naturally optimize physical performance.

Their product lines include Energy Drinks, Pre-Workout+Intra-Workout Powders, and Pre-Workout+Intra-Workout Shots, which now officially have the approval of one of the best basketball players in the world, as the Clippers superstar officially entered the equity deal space.