Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explains why he wants LeBron to break his scoring record

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explains why he wants LeBron to break his scoring record

In a recent interview, Shaquille O’Neal said LeBron’s ultimate goal is to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time leader in points. LeBron’s longevity and the mere fact he is still highly productive at the age of 36 is an excellent sign that he might even achieve this feat when it’s all said and done. Coming into his 19th season, LeBron is only 3020 points behind Kareem, and when you consider he averaged 25 points last season, you can definitely say he has what it takes to surpass Kareem in the next two seasons.

In a recent interview with Marc Stein, Kareem talked about his long-standing record and why he would be happy if LeBron actually manages to overtake his place as the best scorer in NBA history. It seems like Kareem is more than happy someone will finally beat his record, especially when you take into account it’s been standing there for over 35 years.

“I’m excited to see it happen. “I don’t see records as personal accomplishments, but more as human achievements. If one person can do something that’s never been done, that means we all have a shot at doing it. It’s a source of hope and inspiration. Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile back in 1954. Since then, not only have 1,400 runners beaten that time, but the new record is 17 seconds less. We all win when a record is broken, and if LeBron breaks mine, I will be right there to cheer him on.”

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, via Marc Stein

Whether LeBron overtakes Kareem’s place as the NBA’s all-time scorer remains to be seen, but the way he is playing even in the late stages of his career, there is no doubt we might see him on that throne. LeBron will have to play every single game for the next two seasons and average a bit less than 19 points per game to surpass Kareem. It will be hard for him to play in every game, which probably won’t happen, but LeBron is more than capable of scoring a lot of points, which he most certainly will do if the Lakers need that him in the upcoming season.

Records are made to be broken, and even though Kareem’s scoring record has always seemed untouchable, LeBron is pretty close. Even if he doesn’t win another championship, becoming the all-time scoring leader would put him on the top of any GOAT discussion among NBA fans.