Kareem Abdul-Jabbar compares Anthony Davis to himself

Getting Anthony Davis to the Lakers was the right move for both parties involved. Lakers needed another All-Star player to help LeBron in his quest for another championship, and Davis never played with such a high caliber player as LeBron in his career. Both of them playing on such a big market has proven to work well, especially now when the Lakers are the best team in the western conference. The duo also reminds of the old days when Magic and Kareem ruled the basketball world and were the one-two punch that won several championships for the team in purple and gold.

All of the Lakers championship teams had a dominant big man on their roster, and Davis has been just that for his team. Because of that, it was none other than the legendary Kareem Abdul- Jabbar, who went to Twitter and said there is a lot of similarity between Davis and himself. He mostly referred to their playing style despite the fact Kareem never shot three-pointers, which is something Davis added to his offensive repertoire. Kareem only made one three in his 20-year-long career.

Davis has a long way to be considered as exceptional as Kareem, but he is now entering his prime years. If he stays healthy and Lakers win championships, these comparisons will become valid. It’s essential for the Lakers championship hopes that Davis performs on the same level he did so far this season. He is playing great on both ends of the floor, and the chemistry between him and LeBron is one of the primary reasons for their success this year.

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