Kareem Abdul-Jabbar believes he was as effective as Michael Jordan during his career

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar believes he was as effective as Michael Jordan during his career

It’s interesting to hear how individual NBA superstars view the game that is being played now and hearing more details about their accomplishments during their careers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an all-time great player and the best scorer in the NBA while at the same time a 6-time NBA champion who is for some strange reason often overlooked in the GOAT discussions.

In an interview for the Dan Patrick Show, Kareem said he doesn’t care about what people think when ranking him as an all-time great player.

“No, I don’t care. I made my money, I got my fans the people who understand what I did, and if they don’t appreciate it, that is ok. I am underrated, and that is ok.”

Kareem recognized himself as being an underrated player in the eyes of the fans. When asked about being the best center of all-time, he said he possibly is, but Bill Russell comes first if you are talking about everything he won during his 13 years in the NBA.

“Possibly I’m the best big man. I’m not the most successful. Bill Russell was the most successful, and he understood how to make his team win. Eleven world championships in 13 years. Beat that, Michael Jordan. LeBron is not going to come close.”

When asked the comparison in success and effect on the game between him and Jordan, Kareem believes Jordan, even though being a great player, was effective the same way as Kareem was during his best years in the league.

“I’m not better than him, but I was at least as effective as he was, and I think that the effect you have on the game is how you should be judged. Bill Russell effected games because you couldn’t get a shot near the basket. He terrorized everybody for 13 years.”