Jusuf Nurkić’s amazing act of kindness

Jusuf Nurkić’s amazing act of kindness

We usually don’t share this, but I’ll let you in on a secret. The most-read article in 2020 we had, and it’s not even close, was about Shaq buying a guy a laptop. Such a random act of kindness during probably the worst period in NBA history made all the difference for Shaq – the guy just came up to him to express his condolences after Kobe tragically passed away. 

A lot of athletes do that, and most of them insist we never find out. Most of them come from difficult situations and understand how a small gesture can inspire someone to do much larger things. Sometimes, it’s more than a small gesture. Jusuf Nurkić just did something huge. 

A charity organization in his home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Pomozi” (Help), has a website with ongoing charity actions, like a Kickstarter for kindness. The actions there range from helping people buy new wheelchairs or pay for life-saving medical procedures to collecting money to renovate someone’s home. Yesterday they shared a post on Facebook. 

After finding out about the tragic story of the Memišević family, Team BiH and NBA player Jusuf Nurkić bought them a house!

Jasmina, the mother, lost her leg due to a land mine ten years ago and takes care of her eleven-year-old son Adin who suffers from a heart condition. Edvin, the father, is a day laborer working to support the family. They lived in an old house without running water, a bathroom, or any furniture. They were sleeping on the floor. 

After hearing their story, Jusuf contacted us with the idea of buying them a house. Everything happened lightning fast, and they got the keys to their new home at the beginning of this week. 


The post also said Jusuf is a friend of the organization and often supports their causes. Like many other public figures, he insists on anonymity, but this time they managed to convince him to share this story to inspire others to help publicly. 

If Jusuf inspired you to help, the charity campaigns at Pomozi usually aim to collect $3000 to $6000 – a lifesaving procedure or renovating someone’s house is much cheaper in Bosnia than in the United States. Donating is easy, and those 20-30 bucks can go a long way.