Just remember, the owners did it!!

Just remember, the owners did it!!

As Jon Krawczynski and Shams Charania recreated the whole Jimmy saga, two things stood out in the piece. The other offers that were made and who should suffer the consequences for them.

The other offers

After Jimmy made his “We’ve got fucking 14 other guys” comment it became clear to Thibs that he can’t bring Jimmy back into the fold. Let’s just stop there for a second. There weren’t enough hints before?? Did Thibs honestly think the only problem Jimmy had with the team were some of the players?? Anyway, it was time to trade him and decide upon several serious offers that were at the table. These were the offers from teams (via Krawczynski and Charania from The Athletic):
From Houston – Gordon, Nene and two first-round picks
From New Orleans – Mirotić and unprotected first-round pick
From Philadelphia – Covington, and Šarić

If you look at these offers from a win-now perspective, the Philly offer makes the most sense because Covington is the best Butler replacement out of all the assets offered and fills that 3/4 forward spot every team wants as deep as possible. This is what Thibs wanted, someone who can be a contributor right away. Šarić is a good player that has a role on this team and hopefully gets more opportunity to be a playmaker, one of his greatest strengths that was limited next to Simmons in Philly.

The other two offers had more to provide regarding future assets, but it is now clear which road Minnesota decided to go at.

The consequences

Yes, this is in line with what Thibs would want but don’t let that confuse you. The Athletic piece we quoted has a very significant sentence: “With a deal nearing the finish line, Layden and 76ers general manager Elton Brand work to finalize an agreement, and Taylor and Sixers owner Josh Harris place their final touches on it.” As a fan, you should never forget these kinds of decisions are always the owners to make. So love it or hate it, that’s where the decision is made.