Michael Jordan’s “shattered” jersey is up for auction

Michael Jordan’s “shattered” jersey is up for auction

After an impressive rookie season, Michael Jordan didn’t rest and load manage. At the time, the NBA’s youngest star boarded a plane to Europe to participate in Nike’s European tour. Unlike players on such tours today, MJ actually played in basketball games. Do I need to add he went full throttle?

The most famous moment from the game happened when MJ, almost literally, took flight and ferociously dunked the ball. The backboard in Trieste, Italy, shattered, breaking into thousands of pieces. (2:10 mark in the clip). Everyone was in awe, except MJ. 

“Glass was everywhere. The backboard exploded. I’m looking at his eyes, his ears …looking for little bits of glass,. In the moment, it was wild. It was a little scary, because we didn’t know where the glass was going. They were playing and then there was that moment. I don’t know of any moment where one can detect something otherworldly has happened, but that one has become something grand. For MJ, though, it was just a moment in the game.”

Howard White, VP of Jordan Brand, Braddy478

If you have half a mil lying around, you can grab a bit of basketball history. Sotheby’s auction house is holding an online auction on December 3rd called “Michael Jordan – Shattered,” headlined by the jersey MJ wore in that famous game. Sotheby’s estimated price for the jersey – $300/500,000.

“I am remarkably excited to bring this game-worn historic ‘Shattered Backboard’ jersey to market from my personal collection. It was an honor for Stefanel to sponsor the Stefanel Trieste team and to be part of such an iconic moment of Michael Jordan’s incredible legacy.”

Carlo Stefanel, Sotheby’s

If that’s a bit much for your budget, other MJ memorabilia will be up for auction. Michael Jordan game-worn and dual signed 1985 ‘Player Sample’ Air Jordan 1s – $200/300,000. A ‘Population 1’ card signed by Jordan – $30/50,000. A playoff worn Air Jordan 11s – Estimate $60/80,000.

The bidding is open until December 3rd. We will follow up if the numbers the memorabilia is actually sold are released.