Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman reaction to winning 70 regular-season games

Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman reaction to winning 70 regular-season games

The Chicago Bulls from the ’90s is one of the most iconic teams in basketball and sports history. They epitomized winning, dominance rarely seen in the NBA, and only a few other teams came close to that type of status. During the 1995/96 season, the Bulls were demolishing almost every NBA team, and as the season was coming to an end, there was a real possibility they could be the first team to win 70 games in the regular season.

Before the game against the Bucks, Michael Jordan said it’s an outstanding achievement to win 70 games, but it doesn’t come close to winning a championship. For Jordan, winning was everything, especially when the stakes were high and titles were on the line.

Winning 70 games is a great record to be apart of but to say it’s above championships, world championships, and national championships, and gold medals, it’s too early to compare that.

Michael Jordan

Like Jordan, Dennis Rodman didn’t seem fascinated by winning 70 games and said that many people would want them to lose the game.

It doesn’t matter if we win or lose because a lot of people will hope we lost tonight and go home and win at home on Thursday. It doesn’t matter to me.

Dennis Rodman

Scottie Pippen was pretty much aligned with his teammates, saying the hype was big coming into the game even though his eyes were already set at the playoffs.

We are very happy to get the 70 games over with. This is special in itself, and it shouldn’t be like that just because our main focus is to win a title.

Scottie Pippen

The Bulls won their 70th regular-season game against the Milwaukee Bucks 86-80, in which every Bulls player had a pretty much even impact on the game. After the game, Rodman, who came of the bench but scored 7 points and grabbed 19 rebounds, had an interesting statement on how players will celebrate this historic feat.

We are ready to get the hell out of here. Pack our bags, go home and have a couple of cigars. Some guys will make love to their wives, and some guys are not.

Dennis Rodman

As you already know, the Bulls won 72 regular-season games that season and ended up beating the Supersonics in the NBA finals. They did it all that season, establishing a dominance that would continue in the next two seasons when they successfully achieved their second three-peat. Their regular-season record was later broken by another great NBA dynasty, the Warriors, in 2016. Even though the Warriors won 73 regular-season games, which is remarkable, but they ended up losing in the finals against the Cavaliers led by LeBron James.

With that being said, the Bulls crowned their regular season with an almost equally dominant playoff appearance when they outplayed every team they encountered. On the other hand, despite having an impressive regular season, the Warriors lost in the finals even though they had a 3-1 lead in the series against the Cavs. Scottie Pippen said it best; it doesn’t mean a thing without a ring.