John Wick producer shares why they cast Boban Marjanovic for the role in the new movie: “You need Boban”

John Wick producer shares why they cast Boban Marjanovic for the role in the new movie: “You need Boban”

Even though he is not the best player in the NBA, 7’3″ center Boban Marjanovic is one of the most recognizable players in the league mostly because of his big personality. Boban joined the NBA a couple of seasons ago and is already involved in a lot of projects which are not related to basketball at all.

One of the most recent appearances Boban made is in the new sequel for the movie “John Wick 3” which is currently playing in cinemas across the world.  Boban received the role of a villain in the movie and he engages in a fight scene with John Wick, however, the backstory on how Boban received the role is really interesting.

Basil Iwanyk who is the producer of the movie wanted to switch up some things for the movie, so he envisioned a scene in which John Wick has to fight someone who is really big in a super tight space.

In a recent interview for the Vulture, he shared more details on how this collaboration happened and one of the main reasons why they decided to cast Boban for this role was obviously because Boban is a perfect fit from the size perspective but also because Basil Iwanyk is a big basketball fan.

Around that time, Wick 3 producer Basil Iwanyk — who happens to be a huge basketball fan — flew into New York for a production meeting and offered a crucial suggestion. “He was like, ‘Dude, I got it.’ I’m like, ‘Whatta ya got?’” Stahelski recalls. “‘He goes, ‘You need Boban.’ And I’m like, ‘Great. What’s a Boban?’”

“I need somebody that’s going to do the opening fight scene of John Wick 3. So there’s some expectations there, with a guy that’s never been on camera or done stunts before. I’m like, ‘Yeah, no. I’ll pass.’”

Stahelski’s brush-off didn’t last long, though. According to him, he randomly changed his mind soon after. “I was like, ‘Ah well, fuck it. Let’s talk to him. Let’s have my stunt guys give him an assessment,’” Stahelski says.