John Stockton never responded to players trash talking to him during games

John Stockton never responded to players trash talking to him during games

Often overlooked by many, John Stockton has etched his name into a few very formidable NBA records that might never be broken. In his 19th seasons in the NBA, he accumulated over 15 thousand assists and over 3 thousand steals. Stockton was a marvelous point guard and a true floor general who did everything to win, despite being the smallest player on the floor most times.

One of the underappreciated aspects of his game was that he never talked trash to anyone and was always focused on the game and doing what he does best and which was orchestrating Jazz offense.

When Stockton hosted on the Dan Patrick Show, he gave more details into the trash-talking anecdotes and remembered one time the opposing player got mad at Stockton because he wouldn’t respond to his trash-talking all night.

I was told they did, I didn’t notice it. I was told I was fairly focused and I’m sure guys did. I also remember one guy yelling at me one game because I didn’t respond to his trash talking and then he just kept yelling: “Talk to me”. All of sudden it occurred to me, he was talking. I guess I missed on a lot.

Stockton and Jordan had their share of battles throughout their NBA careers, but the most memorable ones were in the 1997 and 1998 finals series. However, even though Jordan is one of the masters of trash talk, he never said a thing to Stockton except on one occasion.

Actually, Jordan didn’t talk much. We had only one exchange in our career, a fairly heated one. It wasn’t really trash talking that I recall. I think Randy Brown was in the game at the time and Michael took an offense that went in there and he checked himself in.  We had the very next play and he got a foul and he said something as he walking back to the bench and I said something back and yet things kinda faded over time so I forgot the actual details. I always felt a lot of respect from Michael. He played as hard as anybody, and as physical as anybody.