John Starks on why Russell Westbrook is his favorite player in the NBA

John Starks on why Russell Westbrook is his favorite player in the NBA

Former NBA player and New York Knicks legend John Starks made a guest appearance on the BasketballNews podcast. Starks talked about several things from his career and life in general. One of the things he touched upon and shared his views is on his favorite player in the NBA today, and for him, that guy is, without a doubt, Russell Westbrook.

Starks recognized a lot of himself watching Westbrook, and he’s been his fan ever since the OKC days, especially after Durant left to play for the Warriors. What Starks respects the most about Westbrook is that he never complained about his teammates or had the lack of support many players complain about very frequently. When Starks saw Westbrook carry that OKC squad single-handedly to the playoffs in a very competitive western conference, that was a sign for him. Westbrook is a unique player.

I love Westbrook. I just love his mentality. He got that dog mentality every time he steps on the court; he is coming at you no matter who it is. The respect I have for him is because you don’t hear him complaining about who he is playing with. He’s like, whoever is on my team, we are just going to roll. I remember when Durant left OKC and let Westbrook there by himself. I watched this man put his team on his back in the west, and the west was strong at that time. This man was averaging a triple-double for the season, and you know how hard that is. He put that team on his back and carried them to the playoffs. Then you hear guys going out with injuries, and then I see this dude by himself put a team on his back, going to the playoffs. That shut it down for me. He doesn’t complain on who he plays with, and he is amazing. I have a lot of respect for Westbrook.

John Starks, via BasketballNews

Westbrook’s mentality sets him apart from other great players in the NBA, and he truly believes his team has a chance to win every time he is on the floor, which is similar to how John Starks played the game. So even though Westbrook is a far more superior player, their desire to win and compete in the same. Westbrook confirmed all the things Starks mentioned in this interview last night when he surpassed Oscar Robertson for the most triple-doubles in NBA history. There is no question we are witnessing a true legend of the game, and we can be lucky he is still performing on such a high level and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.