John Salley defends LeBron James after Stephen A.Smith called him the ringleader of players complaining

John Salley defends LeBron James after Stephen A.Smith called him the ringleader of players complaining

Stephen A.Smith recently made several provocative comments calling LeBron James the ringleader of players complaining in the NBA. LeBron recently commented about the NBA not giving the players enough rest between the two seasons, which is why so many players got injured, especially in the playoffs. He expressed frustration because the NBA is not looking to protect it’s players who are a big part of their product, and unfortunately, fans had to see their favorite teams often playing without their best players.

Former NBA player John Salley recently made a guest appearance on VladTV where he talked about Stephen A.Smith’s comments. Salley believes LeBron is doing the right thing by using his platform and voice to point out all the wrong things with the NBA. He also made an interesting comparison between Jordan and LeBron where he said Jordan never used his platform to speak out against specific challenging issues. He did it exceptionally well for all of his off-the-court ventures, which was a great business move by Jordan.

What is he complaining about? Things we were told to be quiet or bringing things that need to be brought up because he has a platform. LeBron, just like I said, the same way they champion and talk about Michael Jordan not being social, not paying attention to the environment, not caring about the common man, and only caring about selling Nike’s. LeBron is the complete opposite, and he is still being ridiculed.

John Salley, via VladTV

Even though you could make an argument Jordan didn’t speak out against certain racial, social or other issues during his career in the same way LeBron is doing right now, a context of time also needs to be taken into consideration. When Jordan was playing, social media wasn’t present, which is a great way for popular athletes to express their views and easily reach millions of people almost instantly. That helps them inform

LeBron is one of the most prominent athletes in the world at the moment, and for the past several years, he used his influence, resources, and time to help others, especially underprivileged kids. On top of that, he’s shown several times that he is not afraid to speak his mind about specific issues that he thinks need to be adequately addressed. He learned to deal with criticism similar to the one of Stephen A.Smith, and there is no doubt he will continue to use his platform and influence in the best way he knows how.

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