John Lucas III & Gilbert Arenas said some NBA players faked injuries to avoid Derrick Rose

John Lucas III & Gilbert Arenas said some NBA players faked injuries to avoid Derrick Rose

At the age of 32 and after several horrific injuries, Derrick Rose is still in the NBA producing solid numbers and displaying he still belongs in the league. A decade ago, Rose was one of the most exciting, electrifying, and popular players in the league, who made fans look at him in awe with some of the spectacular plays he did. When he entered the NBA as a rookie for the Chicago Bulls, people immediately knew he was different, and on top of that, he had the right mindset to improve his game and work hard.

Rose did just that and became the youngest regular-season MVP in NBA history, leading the Bulls to the ECF where they lost to the Miami Heat in 2011. At that time, Rose was almost unstoppable, and he put fear in almost every guard in the league that had to match up against him on a nightly basis.

According to former NBA players Gilbert Arenas and John Lucas III, during Rose’s MVP days, he established himself as the best guard in the NBA, some players would fake injuries to avoid playing him. Both Arenas and Lucas referred to it as the ‘Rose Flu’ when certain players tried to do anything they can to avoid playing a player like Rose at the time.

I hate when people run away from competition and hate when people don’t want to play against or matchup. I’ve seen it in the league, and people are scared of each other. I’ve seen people fake injuries, and it’s some of your favorite players. When D-Rose was the MVP, I’ve seen people catch the Rose flu, and we used to joke about it.

John Lucas III, via Fubo Sports

They didn’t mention any names, and it’s hard to guess whether it’s true or not, but there were accounts of players missing out on games because of strange reasons. Several former players said there were matchups they would prepare more than the others, knowing they would have to give 100 percent that game. Failing to compete is absurd, and if some players do take nights out because they don’t want to face exceptional players, they should rethink why they’re playing in the first place.

As for Rose, he can still contribute big time in this league, and some recent rumors going around championship-caliber teams are willing to trade for him. He evolved from the first option on a playoff-contending team to a reliable backup guard that can give you 15-20 points every single game. On top of that, he is humble and understands what hard work is. Those are the traits teams are looking for to strengthen their roster and push deep into the playoffs and potentially the NBA finals.