Joel Embiid shows his respect for JJ Redick in a typical Joel Embiid way

Joel Embiid shows his respect for JJ Redick in a typical Joel Embiid way

Philadelphia 76ers are off to a decent start in the new season. They are 2-1 and have set high expectations from themselves to progress even further in the upcoming season.

In the last game vs. Orlando Magic, they won in a dramatic finish. This was, by the way, one of the most exciting games so far and it displayed a perfect combination of key strengths in their game. Joel Embiid was once again phenomenal scoring 32 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

Joel is having a great season so far and it his game progressed even further. He is very efficient in the post while at the same time displaying sharpshooting ability from beyond the arc. Another partner in crime against Orlando Magic was another well-known sharpshooter JJ Redick.


JJ Redick was once again on fire in his last game, scoring 31 points in 32 minutes. In his fashion, Redick went 8-13 from three and was once again crucial for the Sixers.

There seems to be high energy between both Embiid and JJ since after the game Sixers reporter Jon Johnson revealed, Embiid wants Redick with the team forever. There is a significant age difference between the two, so of course, Embiid used that opportunity to talk some friendly trash talk to his teammate.

“I wish he was 24 years old so we could be here for 10 for 15 years, but he’s old as,” Embiid said of Redick.


Redick is currently 34 years old, but it seems age is not a factor in his performance in and night out. He’s been having a career high in points since he joined the Sixers while at the same time fitting in perfectly with their system.