Joel Embiid is lately playing like a true MVP

Joel Embiid is lately playing like a true MVP

You remember when we were all afraid that Joel Embiid will be another player sabotaged by injuries and that he won’t have the chance to reach his full potential?

Well, Embiid is playing the best basketball in his life and it’s definitely a lot of fun watching Embiid play, especially for the past couple of weeks. The potential this kid has is really something else and he is playing on an all-star level this entire season, but in recent weeks, it just seems Embiid is unstoppable.

After Christmas, Philly played against some respectable playoff teams like the Celtics, Jazz, Trail Blazers and the Clippers. During that stretch he is averaging 28.7 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists and 2.3 blocks while at the same time shooting with a really high percentage.

This season, Joel Embiid showed a repertoire of moves ranging from different post up moves, hook shots, and shooting the ball well from beyond the arc. His defense has also been decent, by getting a lot of rebounds, blocking shots and providing good help defense for his team.

At the moment, you could definitely say Embiid is the most talented and skilled big men in the NBA and it’s great to see him play at this level. The Sixers will have a couple of hard games in the upcoming which will be a good test if Embiid can keep up with this rhythm.

You could definitely tell, Embiid is having fun out there and that transcends into the success of his team. The Sixers are currently sitting on the fourth spot in the eastern conference and are only one win away from landing into the second spot just behind the Raptors.

Even though the Sixers have Butler, Simmons and rejuvenated JJ Redick on the team, Embiid is by far the best player on that and if he continues playing at this level, the Sixers should have something have a lot of reasons to be happy entering the playoffs.