Joel Embiid calls out the NBA, says they “HATE THE PROCESS”

Joel Embiid calls out the NBA, says they “HATE THE PROCESS”

Last night, the CelticsHeat game was postponed after the Heat had only seven eligible players for the game because of ongoing contact tracing. Everyone knew this was bound to happen, and that’s why the NBA gave itself the All-Star break window to make up lost games and only released the first half of the schedule. 

But it seems they could’ve done a better job of being transparent with their decision making. While the Celtics-Heat game was postponed, the 76ers had to play a game with only eight guys available. Seth Curry tested positive, and four other teammates are in contact tracing protocol. With Simmons and Embiid out due to knee and back issues, the Sixers expected the game to be postponed. Last night, Joel Embiid didn’t hide his feelings about, what he thinks are, double standards. 

For Embiid (and many Sixers fans), the league stepping in and removing Hinkie from the Sixers still hurts. It also didn’t help they lined up Bryan Colangelo with the job, who had to leave after The Ringer figured out he was pulling a Durant. Understanding this could mean several things; let me elaborate. 

No, Colangelo didn’t let Scarlett Johanson know he would drink her bathwater. (KD actually did that). He had burner accounts to protect his image and likeness. But Colangelo didn’t just have meaningless discussions on Twitter. He criticized his own players, disclosed sensitive information, and outlined team strategy. After he left, then head coach Brett Brown took over the GM duties (and did fairly well) until Elton Brand was promoted to the position. A Tobias Harris max contract later, Daryl Morey, took over the show.

So there’s been a lot of organizational turmoil since Hinkie was ousted, and Embiid and Sixers fans didn’t forget the NBA’s involvement in stoping The Process. That’s why any decision that hints at double standards at the Sixers’ cost cause a reaction like this from their star players and fanbase. 

Adam Silver is soft on players as is, and adding everything that happened; I don’t expect Embiid to get a significant fine for calling out the NBA. More importantly, we can expect more situations like these; as players start testing positive, teammates have to go through tracing protocols. Hold on; it’s about to get bumpy.