Joel Embiid calls out the media for their false reporting about Ben Simmons

Joel Embiid calls out the media for their false reporting about Ben Simmons

There are still quite a few question marks whether Ben Simmons will still be a member of the Philadelphia Sixers. It’s no secret the Sixers were actively looking to trade Simmons over the summer, but their asking price was too high while his trade value dropped significantly after his poor performances in last year’s playoffs. It’s safe to say the relationship between the Sixers and Simmons has deteriorated to such a degree that it would be a miracle if we see him with the team next season.

Some reports came out yesterday that claimed Simmons would not participate in the training camp the team is supposed to have in San Diego. There were also reports that the Sixers had to choose between Embiid and Simmons and how their relationship is not. The news broke out, and obviously, it caused many reactions from the NBA fans and none other than Joel Embiid, who didn’t take kindly of those reports.

According to Embiid, none of those reports are true, and he called out the media in a series of tweets for sharing false news. He made it clear he has nothing but respect for Simmons and hopes to see him in a Sixers uniform next season with a new chance to make the NBA Finals.

Whether Simmons remains with the Sixers remains to be seen, and even though it’s more evident he would leave the team, there are still slim chances he remains with the team that drafted him. Everything Embiid said about false reporting is absolutely valid, and there should be more ethics in breaking out the false news. It’s hard to control those things, but it’s good when someone like Embiid speaks out against this because someone needs to hold the media accountable. Embiid did the right thing in expressing his support for Simmons no matter what his future with the Sixers will be.